TodayAgenda 1.5 - New Version

[Last update: 11/17/2008] One blank to much in appointments with no location
[10/12/2008] New version of eXtremeAgenda was not recognized
[10/03/2008] Bug when using categories for color and font of appointments and tasks fixed (everything was striked out)
[10/01/2008] Bug when displaying anniversary appointments fixed
[09/29/2008] Version 1.5 released

Bugs fixed:
  • Scrolling in Compact View does not work as expected

Features added:
  • New option: Additional appointment style - subject first and bold, below time and location (like the Windows Mobile appointment plug-in)
  • New option: Recognition of conflicting appointments can be disabled
  • New option: on startup of TodayAgenda all days but today can be collapsed
  • New option: Show only active tasks (when displaying tasks before/after appointments)
  • New option: Show only high priority tasks
  • Multiple categories in context menu selectable, allows more complex filters. (has to be activated in TodayAgenda options "Categories")
  • Automatically word wrap long subjects, when task/appointment is selected even in non "Fixed height" mode
  • Small corrections to the scroll bar

  • Option dialogs reworked, so it is easier for ME to add options and new functions! ;-)
  • Smaller font size on vga screens available
  • New icon (21x21) for 320x320- screens added
  • Support for eXtremeAgenda added
  • Support for ThumbCal add (only new appointment/task, open calendar/task list)

Due to the complete rework of the option dialogs, all TodayAgenda 1.1 translation files are invalid and have to be recreated.
Please remove manually downloaded translation files from the TodayAgenda folder of your Pocket PC before installing Version 1.5!

TodayAgenda - Description (for PocketPC)

TodayAgenda displays appointments and tasks on your today screen up to 30 days in advance. It replaces the default Outlook plugin with a lot of more features.

  • View appointments (including location and busy status) up to 30 days in advance
  • View tasks (include status) up to 30 days in advance
  • View birthdays/anniversaries from your contacts up to 30 days in advance
  • View current day and time
  • Open tasks and appointments from your today screen
  • "Complete" tasks via context menu on your today screen
  • Create new appointments and tasks via context menu on your today screen
  • Delete appointments and tasks
  • Font and color of appointments and tasks can be set depending on their categories
  • Tasks can be sorted by subject, priority, start or due date
  • Open calendar, task list and time/alarm settings (tap and tap'n'hold on the TodayAgenda icon or clock)
  • Anniversary function: for all day, free, yearly appointments without end date the years since the beginning are displayed
  • Collapse/expand days and task list (double click onto day/task header)
  • Filter items by category
  • Support for
    • Pocket Informant 2005/2007/8
    • Pocket Informant Calendar
    • Agenda Fusion
    • Agenda One

  • Single line or word wrap for appointments and tasks
  • Past appointments are striked out
  • Plugin height can be configured (fixed, automatic)
  • You can scroll through the list with the d-pad or by using the scroll bar
  • "Compact Mode", to display even more appointments and tasks
  • You can configure colors and fonts of the displayed items
  • Date formats of day titles are configurable

Filter functions (elements you can show/hide):
  • Empty days
  • Daily appointments
  • All day appointments
  • Multi day appointments
  • Free appointments
  • Past appointments
  • Tasks without start/due date
  • Overdue tasks
  • Filter items by category

  • Pen
  • D-Pad (only PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5)
  • The zip file contains installation guidelines and instruction manual

  • ARM and XScale processor
  • PocketPC 2003, PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0
  • QVGA, VGA, Square
  • Potrait and landscape
  • Does NOT work on Smartphones

    Download zip file and unzip:
    • execute the msi file on your desktop computer and connect your pocket pc via ActiveSync
    • OR copy the cab file to your pocket pc and run it

  • Donate via Paypal (button in the upper right corner), if you like the tool and to support the further development...Thanks!


TodayAgenda - Screenshots

Normal view

Compact view

Context menu


TodayAgenda - multi-language support

Due to the complete rework of the option dialogs, all TodayAgenda 1.1 translation files are invalid and have to be recreated. :-(
To translate TodayAgenda I need YOUR help!

The following language files are included in the installation package:
  • Englisch
  • German

Not included in the installation package (have to be downloaded separately):

Complete the following steps to use a separate downloaded language file:
  1. Download the language file.
  2. Copy the file to the installation folder of TodayAgenda (\Programs\TodayAgenda) using ActiveSync.
  3. Check, whether you have selected the correct language in the "Regional Settings" of your PocketPC.
  4. Disable and reenable TodayAgenda in the "Today" settings (to force TodayAgenda to load the new language file).

The language file TodayAgenda uses, depends on the selected language in the "Regional Settings" of your PocketPC.

Many thanks to everyone who helped translating TodayAgenda!!!
Sadly, some translations are incomplete.
If you can help to complete some translations or you want to translate TodayAgenda into a new language just let me know!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

I have installed Pocket Imformant, but can not select it as PIM application?

The problem sometimes occurs when Pocket Informant is installed on the memory card. TodayAgenda checks whether pim applications are installed, but sometimes access to the memory card fails.

To workaround this issue just copy the file "PITab.exe" from the Pocket Informant folder to the Windows folder of your device.

I have to reset/reinstall my device... How can I backup and restore the settings of TodayAgenda?

At the moment you can not backup and restore the settings within TodayAgenda, but it stores its settings in the registry under \\HKCU\Software\TodayAgenda.

To backup parts of the registry you will find a lot third party tools by searching the internet. An easier way within TodayAgenda is under development.

Localizing TodayAgenda

Localizing TodayAgenda is easy to apply:
  1. Copy one of the existing language files (e.g. ENU.dat) from the TodayAgenda folder of your pocket pc to your desktop pc.
  2. Open it with your preferred text-only editor - I prefer Notepad++. Do not use Word or other tools which will add formatting information!
  3. Translate all lines. Do not add something, do not change numbering and keep the white spaces after the ";" sign!
  4. Save the file.
  5. Open the "About/Help" dialog of TodayAgenda and TapAndHold the icon in this dialog box twice.
  6. A new text box should appear - scroll down to the end in this text box.
  7. Rename your language file to the value of "UserLangAbbrev".
  8. OR rename your language file to the value of "DefaultLangAbbrev" (see information below).
  9. Copy the renamed and translated language file to your TodayAgenda folder.
  10. Disable and reenable TodayAgenda in the today screen settings (to reload the language files).

Just for clarification about naming the file:
The "DefaultLangAbbrev" is the default language code of the users language group, e.g. ENU (English).
The "UserLangAbbrev" is the exact code of the language spoken in a specific country, e.g. ENU (United States) and ENG (United Kingdom).